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    Default Female anatomy project.

    I am a new user on Zbrush Central and have been doing my university studies this past year with paint overs and comparisons. For this project I am creating a female from a set of images I have obtained and wondered where I could go for critiques. Would anyone be able to help me?
    ( I can also include images of my reference but she is naked and I'm not sure what the policy is on possible NSFW images.)

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    From the images you posted here is what I would say :

    Arms are too skinny (and too tapered in the forearm in particular) aso they seems too short even if adding hands, lenght of the outstretched arms equal if not slightly surpass the total height of a figure. The fold on the top of the knee seems to have the wrong angle, the interior part goes lower than the lateral part, the line of the tibia (the interior line, exposed bone) start too low, it must start almost as soon as the tibia start (see ref anatomical references for more precision) Overall the anatomical landmarks seems a bit too blurred, make them stand out stronger (you can always dial them down later on once you are sure they are well placed)

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