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    Default Maik Rohland - Artwork and Sketches

    Hi ZBrushCentral,
    since 2014 I´m registrated and my first post on ZBC is now. What a shame. But here we go.

    At first I like to share older work like my steampunk bee, which I did years ago for my B. A.

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    Default ZModeler - Bike

    When ZBrush 4R8 came out I wanted to learn ZModeler and created this bike. I modeled everything with ZModeler and ArrayMesh.

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    Default The Crone

    This was a fun project back in 2016.
    I'm really up to Witcher and grabbed an early concept from the crones.


    The Crone:

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    Default The Wise Man - Beyond Human

    I would like to share my newest piece of art. The concept is from Yong Yi Lee
    Drop me a line for feedback =)

    Visit Artstation Blog for more WIP



    I sculpted this dragon as an ornament and did a NPR to texture the head of my beyond human character.



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