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    Video Ed's SpeedSculpt Corner

    Hi guys, so February end and with it this small training I decided to take every week to improve my zbrush cowboy skills.

    So this speed sculpts have a duration of 2 up to 3hrs depending on the complexity:
    First two just 2hrs and the last ones 3hrs.

    In case you wanna see more of the details I'll leave the link to my Blog over ArtStation in case you wanna read more about them, and who knows maybe join the challenge? ;)

    Small videos with turntables include over here:

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    Video March Sculpts

    Heyo, me again March it's just halfway to be gone too! and during this month The speed sculpts have been getting more interesting each week!
    But I just realized that by making this activity I just made one important step into my art self taught path, and is the importance of Try and fail but into a more safe way instead of screw it with some important art test or contest or even a portfolio piece !!

    So without further more Ill try to repost my blog entry of my artstation section:

    Demon 00
    This guy over here holding what looks like a tesseract was a sculpt of 3hrs and the goal was to make a full body daemon buuuut, unfortunately, that didn't happen I run out of time.
    Also, one thing in mind to study over here was the design process. Part of the challenge was 1st hour without any kind of reference and after the 1st hr we where allowed to use but only anatomical ones, but I personally receive a more complex challenge by just going blind on this it was just me and my head to try to make out something cool in 3hrs.
    And I end up with a dumb demon

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    Video Angelic 01:

    This one was only a bust with a time limit of 2.5 hrs and I'm not happy with the final image but I was so happy that over the process I feel how my skill improve and my main trick here was this wonderful tutorial from Flipped Normals market: (https://flippednormals.com/downloads...ace-in-zbrush/) This web has been my second place where I have to learn after I graduate from school, so If you are looking for some sort of nice place where you can get guidance to check it and also watch some of their Youtube Videos to get that extra juice.

    Also over here was the same guidelines as the past one just your imagination and no Refs during the first hour.


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    Video SpeedSculpt #SculptItYourself Challenge 01

    So I decided to join kind of late but Still on time yesterday I suffer, cry but get all my S.. stuffs together and move along and in the end, I'm super happy with the result!
    The whole process took me 3hrs (with final render)

    Today I was supposed to sculpt with the sheep mob but my body is really tired after having a crash over my bicycle on Sunday, So I decide to take a rest for today, Buuuut I'll leave it on the queue for THIS week.

    Without further more here you have my Feline!


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    Video SpeedSculpt With the SheepMob 07

    Hi, guys so this week I made more than just 1 of these threats so get ready:

    This one was the Deamon (Yup again) but I wanna make it more different than the usual more in the mood of the fear that the "Horny" ones

    The time was set to 2.5 Hrs and the challenge here was nothing else than just anatomical references (Remember that not using refs doesn't give you any kind of special points or extra XP is just a benchmark of your skills and how you can improve them or what you need to improve or study)
    Also, I just wanna let you know that I'm gonna start working more into blender than make the Keyshot stuff feel I can have better image quality at the end over blender than just keyshot


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    Hi guys! so yesterday SpeedSculpt was about 2hrs The theme was "Creature" I didn't use any kind of reference. IMPORTANT remember that using reference don't give you any kind of extra points, take it more like a benchmark of what do you need to improve later.

    I'm missing to make another one from my Ex-University of 30 min so I hope I can make it after doing other duties.


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    Video SpeedSculpt With the SheepMob 05

    Hi guys, after not posting 2 times in a row in the past week or this week (?) I bring you the pice where I have been working on!
    This piece really means a lot for me, I have admired the work of Loish since I started studying animation and finally, after seeing all the cool pieces Vimal makes with the concepts of her I wanna give it a try too!
    Probably I didn't nail it 100% but I need to practice as much as I can, so one day I can see my work and be proud of it or who knows> maybe even see it in a book or on a frame?
    I wasn't sure about the light set up so I make 2 renders the blue one Ill be using it as wallpaper over my phone ( at least for a week)


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    Video SpeedSculpt With the SheepMob 06

    Hi guys so we finish another month with one last pice from the #SculptItYourself Challenge from Rafa Grassetti, finally I'm updated with the challenge so hope I can keep it like this as far as possible.

    Also, I just wanna say thanks to all the ones that support my post of the loish sculpt, you guys help me to get noticed by her (Sorry for fangirling again)

    But without furthermore here is the pice I was talking about, for sure not the average "Robot" you are expecting to see :P

    I was missing a bit to use the overrated particles also with this vignette too


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    Video March Lineup Speed Sculpt

    Hey, guys So today's Blog post will come with joy and a little bit of personal story for the start of this new month.

    So around the start of this month (March) I got hire over a company where I really feel I wasn't fitting at all the job was super relaxed and not making me have any kind of learning or something that helps my career, so I took the decision of moving on and look for anothr job and it was like if everything was planed :O I got the job and nowI'mm happy working with a studio located over London! (a small step for me to break into the industry)
    And this month I can see a good level up on my rendering and sculpts too! I think after I make the Feline I start to think more about the render and presentation and over the one of Loish, it might look kind of simple but efficient. just a clay pass with the necessary info on it.

    So without furthermore here you have the line up of this month! we will see what April brings
    (hit the play button while you read or see this post)

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    Video SpeedSculpt Without the SheepMob u.u

    Hey guys so after the all mighty sheep leave us alone for now My speed sculpt sessions haven't been active lately also I get a new job so I'm getting used to my work and practice time too!.

    This was a piece I wanna give it a try over the bunch of challenges out there the original art comes from the account of Lord Gris but the author of this pice is the amazing YoYo Sketch https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lVZyqO

    Gris and Yoyo love the final result so I really hope you guys enjoy it as well

    Please If you love it give it some love over ArtStation so I can make it to the Wall of fame (trending)
    Thank you! https://www.artstation.com/edwinter

    Small turntable:

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    Those stylized girl sculpts you do are nice! Your lighting and rendering is very pleasing to look at too, very atmospheric!

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