Are you interested in an orgy of 3D Character Art in the South of France? Take a look

3D Character Artcamp 4 Week
Intermediate to Advanced
Suggested Software base: ZBrush, Marvellous Designer, Substance Painter, Maya

The Artcamp concept is a blend of training course, retreat, residency, and professional gathering. It is all about taking time to invest in your craft amongst like minded, highly skilled people, in a collaborative, thoughtful and expansive environment.
We set up camp in a beautiful villa or castle in the south of France and spend an intensive period concentrating on making top class artwork and exploring the area. We have highly experienced tutors on board and we Also invite special guest mentors - Artists who are working in a masterly way in the discipline, who are there to demonstrate their artistic methods and provide critical feedback

This Artcamp is a 4 week immersive experience designed for people who want to develop to the next level in 3D character concepts for animation, CGI and VFX for film, TV, Games or illustration. It is for people who already have a good level of skill, but want to develop towards mastery in 3D character design and concept art production. Our purpose is enhance and consolidate skills, to enable you to produce career defining artwork and do the work you want to do. Artcamp is a professional gathering where we get together to produce original distinctive, production-ready 3D characters. We’ll introduce you to a working process and philosophy that generates artistic depth and authenticity. What you make will be unmistakably your artwork and a defining piece of work in your portfolio.

Perhaps the most important outcome of the Artcamp will be an engagement with your authentic artistic being, that helps you develop a more meaningful and sustainable career

What is Physis AcademyPhysis Digital Arts Academy is a small concentrated outfit that specialises in short form residential intensive training in 3D digital art and design. Courses vary in length from 2 week to 12 weeks. We train groups of 12-14, in 3D digital art practices including Sculpture, Painting, Illustration, VFX, Animation, Design, and Simulation. (Courses on offer are on the website)
The approach we take is called practice-based research and learning. Our ethos asserts that mastery of the grounding skills of artistic production is the route to authentic expression and creative freedom. We have a holistic approach promotes a full and rounded engagement with artistic creation, which helps people become more complete practitioners in their chosen form.
In a world where many digital production skills become proceduralised and automated we concentrate on the skills enable artists to navigate the field and remain original while continually developing their artistic self. Physis’ educational priorities are to connect primary artistic skills with high levels of craftsmanship. We aim to give students ways to integrate the raw technique of using the tools with the intellectual disciplines of observation, critical thinking, complex problem solving, cognitive flexibility, and most importantly authorial coherence.