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    Default Looking for a Zbrush Tutor in NYC area!

    Hi, I'm looking to hire a person who knows Zbrush vey well as a tutor. I come from a sculpture background, it's more about the technical aspects of Zbrush and getting to learn the program better that I am interested in. Please message me if you are in NYC (I am in Queens.) and can lend me the help that I need. If you know of anybody interested, please pass the info along. Thank you!

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    Have you joined Lynda.com??? It's going to cost less than a tutor and honestly everything you need to know from start to finish is in the tutorials.
    Re-reading your post it's not clear if you are looking for more advanced tutoring. I still recommend looking online at all the various programs that teach ZB. Ryan Kingslien has more advanced courses at the game art institute.

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