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    Default spotlight image has transparent parts

    Hi all,
    Newb question
    I'm trying to project the motorcycle image onto the plane subtool behind it. But every texture of the bike I've tried to use has transparent areas (alpha areas) that allow the subtool to show through the texture (see attached image). When I project the image onto the subtool those transparent pixel areas show up as the color of the material on the subtool.
    I have'nt downloaded a single texture of a motorcycle from the internet that has not done this. I must be doing something wrong, I've watched a bunch of Spotlight texture projection vids and none of them seemed to have this problem.
    Any insight would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    I also have different problem with Spotlight Projection. As image bellows, when I tried to project texture to plane. It create black color instead texture of spotlight image. Could you help me solve this one. Is it problem of new spotlight?


    Edit: I solved my problem. this black transparent caused by background light. You have go to Light>Background>turn off background light. Good luck.

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