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    Default de Vries Arts Sketchbook

    Hey, long time zbrush user but first time poster here! After using Zbrush for over 10 years I figured it was time I started posting, so let me start with something I made today. I'll be uploading older works over the coming weeks I suppose and probably lot's of WIP stuff (since that is the status of most of my work). Feedback and comments are welcomed!

    And some NPR renders:

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    A quick one from this evening. Will polish this guy further, but I thought I'd have him wander into the world already.

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    Default Orc commander

    Very old piece I originally did in 2009 I think. The helmet makes no sense whatsoever, but I liked the way it looked in the concept, so I kept it as is.

    Rigged, posed and rendered in the realtime viewport for substance painter (a bit after 2009 obviously; this guy was my main test subject during development of a modular rig with game-friendly muscle system for a number of years)

    Older version (he used to have a more Disney-esque face) with original concept from my sketch collection.

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    Default Droid

    I made this guy during a month of 'daily sketching' in 2015, so consider this a sketch. No polish or proper hardsurface modeling done or anything, and texturing is just plain colors applied.

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    Default Mushroom

    And another one from that daily sketch series. Dynamesh > Zremeshed > pose on seperate layer.

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    Recent sketch. The seagull was a bit of an afterthought, since I just needed some source of distraction to justify the yogi looking disturbed/annoyed (so much for inner peace), but that little bird kind of became my favorite thing in this little composition.

    Renders are 100% Zbrush. No photoshop retouching; all post is handled via BPR filters (some color boosting, background gradient and minor vignette)

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    Default Running turtle

    And a quick sketch for a thumbnail I needed.

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    Default Painting frog

    And last one for today. Many years ago I was given a small (5cm tall) canvas to paint on. This required something to be painted on it, so I made a paper-mâché frog. A few weeks ago I felt this guy should be incarnated as a digital sculpt as well.
    Hope you like! Though crowd here on these zbrush forums >_<

    Some NPR renders

    Keyshot renders

    And the original paper-mâché sculpture.

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    Default Updated yogi

    You know how sometimes you consider a piece done, but something just keeps bothering you about it? Felt this piece needed just a touch of extra attention. still some things that could use improvement, but this was supposed to be an inbetween thingy, not an entire project. Just did a bunch of small tweaks.

    Full updated image set can be seen on my artstation page

    Feedback/comments/crits are welcomed!

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