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    Default Scrawny lizard

    No idea why I consider him a lizard; he has no tail...
    All is rendered in zbrush, with only a depth blur applied in photoshop

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    Default Yogi update

    Ever have one of those pieces that no matter what you do, they just don't feel right? Did another pass on the yogi dog. Last pass. It's a bad habit to keep coming back to the weaker artworks :\

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    Default Spidey Work In Progress

    WIP of a spiderman sculpt I've been working on the last few days. Most time went into that web pattern actually. I hope to have him fully done in the next few days.

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    Default Spidey update

    Quick spidey update. Spent most of the day rigging and weightpainting him in Maya so I could pose him (for use as a layer in zbrush) without too much weird deformation.
    Pose is based on an image by Todd McFarlan from one of two spider magazines I actually have o_o.

    It's a bit awkward still, so I'll probably be finetuning the pose tomorrow.

    The web patterns on the suit and everything will be applied separately on the unposed version (probably projected back onto the mesh, as it is seperate geometry currently, and then baked into texture and normal/displacement map)

    Any crits or comments are very welcomed! I feel I could use some fresh eyes on this guy.

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    Using noisemaker to figure out what to do with the fabrics of the outfit.
    Probably something more 'tradional' spidey, like a sort of woven fabric with a stronger red fabric (with the hexagon pattern, not very original, I know >_<

    Or maybe I should go with something entirely different?

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    And a bit more look development.
    The pants get their gloss from a modified skinShade material: metallic all the way to 1 (to give it the full blue look) and I've basicly 'reversed' the dif and spec curves, so you get this velvet like quality. The aim is obviously to get that comic book look happening.

    A BPR filter is used to get the outlines, but no other NPR effects are applied at this moment. Naturally I will have to try a few brush stroke render techniques when this piece is done

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    It's coming along nicely! It's gonna look great when you've added back in all of the detail, looking forward to seeing it.

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    Default Almost there

    Due to limits in resolution for fine detail, I've thrown the fabric detail into a displacement map. Unfortunately that requires a color texture which overrides materials applied to the mesh. So I cannot combine them with the different shaders used for pants and outfit. Anyway, things are getting there.
    Here some render tryouts with a slight touch of NPR filters applied (although the cellshading variations are set in the materials themselves; filters are there for outlines and a bit of crosshatch in the shadows)

    Right now the workflow is: low poly in default pose to Maya, bind to rig there, pose, export posed back to zbrush and apply as layer. I've been going back and forth that way a lot as I tweaked the default posed model itself a lot, so the posed version has no polish on itself. Fortunately my rig handles most issues, as I've built a lightweight muscle system in there which helps a lot with preventing areas from collapsing when doing such extreme poses, but there are still a few areas that might need a bit of correction once I am satisfied with model and pose.

    Here some quick screengrabs of the mesh in default pose with displacement map applied for the fabrics.

    The web pattern has been projected back onto the suit, and quite thick as you can see in the close-ups. That doesn't look too nice up close like that, but I want the lines to really seem to be on top of the fabric even when seeing spidey from a bit further. Still, perhaps I should tone it down a bit around the fingers. I should have the version without web pattern stored as a morph target though, so that should be fine.

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    A last quick render for today. Hopefully I get to wrap this one up tomorrow!

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    Default Spiderman

    Alright, my spidey piece is done! Took some time to clean up all the detailing. And I spent most of today tweaking the BPR filters. These renders are 100% zbrush. No photoshop retoucing done. The city in the background is a set of simple structures with tapering applied to create a sense of depth. The "depth fog" is achieved by making use of the "depth" settings in some of the BPR filters applied.

    Some wallpapers

    Some of the tests with BPR filters

    This one was interesting: I did a render with the city in the background, and the turned the city of because I wanted a render without. Because the BPR engine stores shadow data if the camera is not moved, these shadows are still picked up by the filters (even though the buildings they belong to are no longer there). This gives a really cool effect.

    Keyshot render

    One note on the detailling: although all of it was zbrush sculpting initially, I ended up making a displacementmap manually in photoshop based on the web lining as well as adding the fabric patterns this way. My computer couldn't handle subdivisions high enough to get me the crisp results I wanted otherwise. The overall result is pretty much the same, but displacement maps are actually much easier to manage than fine detail when wanting to touch up the sculpt itself

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    And lastly those keyshot renders

    Top view of the main scene, with a highly distorted set of buildings.

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    Default Spiderman update

    Originally I tried to not have this spiderman turn into a bodybuilder superhero, but I felt detail wasn't holding up in renders, especially the NPR ones, so I did a pass on his entire body beefing him up a bit... a lot. So an update on that:

    Also tried out a whole bunch of poses. Here my favorite three:

    Webslinging (updated version of the one posted before)

    Calling Aunt May that Peter will be coming home a bit later... Probably my favorite...-est.

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    And tonight I'll have my pc render some fancy raytrace renders such as this. Hopefully then I can move on to other projects >_<

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