I just recently purchased a Cintiq Pro 16. The biggest issue I have with it however, is keyboard placement. If I place the keyboard behind it I have to reach around or over it to type or hot any hotkeys. If I place the keyboard in front I have to reach across the keyboard to use the tablet. Both are horrible options.

So, I'm looking for a keyboard small enough to set beside (to the left) of the Cintiq. I'm looking for something 10 inches (25.5 cm) wide or less.

I spent a decent amount of time researching and purchased one of the few with semi decent reviews (I haven't seen any with outstanding reviews), and it broke less than a week ago. It felt cheap when it arrived, so I didn't have high hopes.

I then purchased a gamer keypad that actually works really great except for the fact that the number of keys are limited, and not only do I need to program it for every application I use the Cintiq with I have to memorize which keys I programmed to which buttons. So while it's not a complete piece of junk it's still not ideal.

I have a large desk, but I use my desk for audio production as well so the space I have for a keyboard to the left of the Cintiq is a tad bit past 10 inches (25.5cm) wide.

If someone has a recommendation for a keyboard that size I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want something so small that the keys are absolutely tiny though.