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    Default How To Use The ZModeler's Points(Infinite Depth Move) On A SubDivided Mesh

    One of the things that has stumped me for a long time in ZBrush(especially with ornamental architecture and bas-relief) has been the fact that once you have a model that's subdivided you can't use the ZModeler brush's infinite depth point move. No other ZBrush brush moves things in an infinite depth(besides masking and moving).

    You can use freeze subdivisions or rebuild but the resulting mesh either has a lot of artifacts that you have to fix or you lose your subdivisions. Well I finally figured out a quick way to solve that problem.

    You have to have at least two subtools for this to work. Basically you take your subdivided mesh and use Transpose Master(Tpose Mesh). From there it will drop your mesh to it's lowest subdivison and allow you to use the Zmodeler brush. The only thing that I've found that works in this process is just the ZModeler Points Infinite Depth(on a chosen axis) option. Others might work but I haven't tried them yet.

    Now you can move the outline, etc. of your mesh perfectly(both front and back, all the way through). Then just hit the TPose/SubT button once you are finished and it will transfer those adjustments back to your original model with subdivisions with just a tiny bit of smoothing here and there depending on your model.

    Hope it helps some people.
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