This thread is my entry into the Scared Silly competition. I sure hope I can finish in time for judging!!

For my idea, I'm going for something visually humorous and a little sultry. I haven't worked out all the details yet (obviously), but I was thinking of a zombie madame-of-the-night, posed with a pumpkin with the phrase "Trick and Treat" carved into it. The pun will be very visual, but since I can't draw for beans, you guys are just going to have to use your powers of imaginations for a while. She would be posed in a scene of an old timey London street corner. I was thinking of her as very attractive from the torso down, but her face would be very obviously zombie. I kind of want to work with the idea some more, but since this is supposed to be done "in progress" I thought I'd get the idea down. I'll make note of any changes.