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    Default Zbrush Decimation Master Problems

    Hello all, I'm running Zbrush 4R7 and pretty new to the program.

    I was making decent progress on a project yesterday when I started encountering issues with Decimation Master. Earlier in the day, I was decimating high poly meshes upwards of 15-20 million without issue, but now my zbrush freezes and crashes anytime I try to decimate with the plugin. I've tried decimating models that were only 10k polys, to several million. I've tried decimating entirely new projects, old projects that I previously decimated successfully, and just about everything else I can think of, but the program always freezes.
    I'm unsure if it's relevant, but when the program freezes and eventually crashes, the DecimationMaster64.exe process keeps running unless I manually end the task. I'm at a total loss of how to fix this, because it seems Omegle like my zbrush is broken at this point.

    Any help would be immensely appreciated, thank you!

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    Clearing the cache would be my first try.

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