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    Default Question: how to read string from file and extract integer

    I want to do this thing, but not really understand how to do it on Zscripting, hope on your support guys, thanks

    I want to read .txt file that have this looking:

    model.obj 20
    model2.obj 35
    model3.obj 50
    model1000.obj 20

    here model.obj it's name , and integer it's ZRemesher:"Target polygon count"

    I check forum and find how to do reading from txt file and importing this files, and apply ZRemesher, but i can't understand how here working function working with string.
    So question: how to extract from each line this integers (20,35,50,....,20) and setup them as Target polygon count parameter for each model

    Thanks for reading!

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    You need to extract the substrings so you have the file name and the target count as separate strings. Then if the target count string is assigned to a number variable it is automatically cast as a number:

    [IButton,ReadFromFile,"Read from a text file",
    //create memory block from the file
    //read a line into a string variable
    //find "obj"
    [If,endPath > -1,//if "obj" found
    //extract file path string
    //extract target polys string
    [ISet,Tool:Geometry:Target Polygons Count,lTargetPolys]
    [IUpdate,1,1]//update the UI
    [If,gOffset >= [MemGetSize,ZB_TextInputMem],[LoopExit]]
    [MemDelete,ZB_TextInputMem] //all done, delete memblock

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    When i write this question i hope, that you Marcus will see it, thanks for your answer,help and time!

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