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    Default Fast Sculpting Brush Pack

    I made my own custom brushes that I'm using for some time now to quickly sculpt. Mainly for using the Sculptris Pro feature but also for the default sculpting. I made them now available for free here: https://gumroad.com/l/NTPi

    They are mostly more clean and flowy Clay Buildup like brushes and really sharp pinchy carve brushes (something like DamStandard) for various occasions which also includes fancy double action 2 sided variations. There is also a wet ish average flatten brush, a simple fur buildup brush and a polish sculpting brush.

    You can check them all out in action here:

    I also made some cool timelapses there with the record undo history feature including a car I sculpted. You also find a custom UI in zip with the brushes on the side like in the video so you can quickly try them out.

    Some gifs:

    The flowy buildup variant

    Wet average flatten versus default flatten. (Where the ear gets messed up is the default flatten)

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    Nice one, I'll give them a go later. I pretty much only use 3 brushes for most sculpting but I'm always tweaking them and too lazy to save my settings, these look really useful so cheers!

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    They look very interesting, thanks for sharing! Will try them
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    Here is something detailed I pretty much made only with these brushes and Sculptris Pro mode:

    Nore sure if you recognize him, its the Easter Bunny!

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    thank you!

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