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    Default Ideas for the next Evolution of ZBrush

    I was thinking about how useful the ZBrush folders are at compartmentalizing a project and started wondering what innovations I could think of.

    The first thing Idea I had was to change the folder from a folder that holds subtools to a subtool that holds subtools. This would allow a folder to hold a folder.

    The next idea on my list was to give a folder an origin, a home location for the folder where you can snap the gizmo. Add the ability to snap a folder to a point or edge via the gizmo and you could position items with precision. Though I think snapping would have to be limited to objects in a parent folder. Maybe just give every subtool the ability to parent to another subtool.

    How about giving ZBrush the ability to save and load folders.

    This next Idea I admit I am steeling from "3D-Coat."
    If you could put a negative(subtractive subtool) at the top of a folder followed by an additive one you could build self countersinking screws, lug-nuts, or mini-guns. Combined with the previous idea would bring kit-bashing to a new level.

    Being able to arraymesh a folder staggers my imagination.

    Just wondering what others think about my ideas. How would you improve on my ideas?

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    Feature requests should be submitted as Support tickets; one feature per ticket.


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