Hi everyone !

I'm presenting miniatures I did for TGCM Créations.
Khârn-Âges is a skirmish game in a medieval fantasy setting with 54 mm (2.12 in) miniatures.
For the process every sculpt was 3D printed once to create a mold, it was really instructive and helped me to upgrade my sculpting techniques.

The whole project was funded last month via kickstarter, if you want to know more about the game you can check it here :

You can find more images on my artstation page :

(Painted miniatures are placeholders, I will update with better quality soon)

First one is the Khârn Paladin, this one can be equiped with a mace or a sword :

Second is the Khârn warrior, who can use a spear or a dagger, additionnal work put into the leather sculpt, it was really fun to do.

I will update my post with other sculpts soon