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    Default Leaf Modeling

    Hi there!

    YOu wanna make a tree, but you own No leaf photos... , Dont wanna Clean Tree sap off your scanner bed? or your digital camer cant pick up enough detail... there is another way thanks to Zbrush ...

    all you gotta do is model a leaf... then you can make all the masked images you want

    Here are a few leaf makeing Tips in a Zscript...

    It is a wee bit buggy at the end on the background tileing, and the flower color.. but the "Meat" of the tutorial is all there...

    The moral of this story....

    Use an organic photograph as your textures base, and then the Smudge tool to "Homiginize" the color base...

    later use the Hilighter 2 tool, with the Vein Alpha to draw the leaf veins... use the line stroker for the Big distinguishing veins...

    after you get everything nice and straight Subdevide geometry to give Random distortion... Verry few plants have straight veins, when you subdevide it it will somewhat scramble the UV... somewhat straighten it out manualy, but leave it "un perfect", there are very few straight lines in nature...

    as you are placeing the leaves in your image, use the Twist, bend, sphereize, etc, to make them look a bit diffrent...

    PLaceing the cursor over the end of your stem in transform mode and pressing the "P"key will place the pivot at the end of the stem... this makes drawing the leafs on Branches ,stems and Vines very easy... they will rotate around the stem, saveing you HOURS in time placeing them manualy...

    make a TExtrue of your leaf with the background 0,0,0, BLACK, just set the background to absolute black, draw you leaf in a nice pose position, select the sphere tool, and then just grab the document so it is the sphere texture now... then in the sphere tool> texture >propertys set the texture to tileing x2 and y2... this makes drawing a leaf base in the background verry effortless... the spheres will provide an awesome base for your final leafs... on the verry top of the spheres take your leaf model, and draw in a few random ones... cover over all imperfestions with the leaf model... ...

    anyways, watch the tutorial Zscript... it makes it a little more simple... ingnore the part after the flowers... that is where it starts getting wacky...

    Hope this helps someone


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    Very nice! Only one advice, some times the background was a bit too much like the texture so it was at some parts kinda hard to see what was happeing. Other than that it was great! Keep it up!

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    Thanks Polaris! I'm going to give it a try. Great flowers!!

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    Talking I have clicked...

    ...on your beatiful flower and...
    What is this prodigy ?
    Is beautiful that please without concept! ( Me and maybe also E Kant)
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    nice logic
    and expand the modeling knowledge about ZB

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    Default mask for face

    im a newbie and i would love to make a leaf mask for a face,does anyone know where theres a tut on doing a simple mask

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