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    Is the Cardassian woman complete yet ?

    It looks awesome so far.

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    Greetings- this is shaping up nicely! I would like to contact you to ask you a question in private- your email is disabled. Is there another way or can you email me?


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    Default Apologies for the extremly late reply

    Wow! it feels like forever since i was last here and you know what? nothing has changed.

    There are still obsenely talented artists producing work for show here to inspire others and there are still extremly good natured people willing to offer encouragement and advice. This place was and still the best!!

    @ Isadorabelle, Alley Cat and MReshtarc

    Apologies for the ridiculously late reply, but I simply hadn't seen your email.
    I haven't been on this site proper for around three years or so. without wanting to elaborate too much I lost around 95% of my 3d artwork (including all back-ups) in a deliberate act of malice . When that kind of thing happens to you the idea of trying to pick up from where you left off can be quite daunting (pretty depressing too) so I guess i kind of turned my back on 3D and concentrated on the "bread winner" my IT management position.

    However I got my work place to shell out for the latest version of ZBrush (suckers! ) and using it again very nearly brought a tear to my eye (no kidding) so I'm back on the horse and ready (I think, v.nervous) to upload my latest WIP.

    So in short I won't be able to upload finished pictures of the cardassian woman or the other images in my sig. But I will be creating new images, I hope you like this just as much.

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