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    Default Great White Shark Challenge


    I'm quite new to ZBrush and I currently try to manipulate one of my own footage from Mexico. I want to put a Great White Shark into the scene.

    I traked the scene with maya and have put an artifical ocean in it. Now I want to put the Shark in it.

    This is the Scene:


    I started in Maya modelling the low poly model and continued in ZBrush. I think it's not bad (for my second ZBrush model), but it lacks a bit realism (and there are still no teeth in it - but I'am going to fix that). I hope one can't see it in the movement of the movie. Here my ZBrush model:


    I was really inspired by the rhino threat in this forum. I will post later the final scene.

    So, that was the background story for this challenge. Now the challenge itself:

    Model in Zbrush a Great White Shark as realistic as possible. No polylimit (mine has 1.09 millions). I am really excited about the results.

    May the challenge begin!!!

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    Default The Big White

    Hello friend. In the first place excuse by the english translation , I am spanish and this text is a translation, but I have not been able to resist me to send you the photos of my model of tiburon by if your you need it. Tambien I am new with z-brush and this is my first model. My e-mail is valmoral39@hotmail.com

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    Default El gran blanco o la muerte blanca.

    Hola amigo, lamento no hablar en ingles ya me gustaria.
    Soy espa├▒ol y adicto a Z-brush, no he podido resistirme a enviarte mi primer trabajo, que curiosamente tambien es un tiburon.
    Si puedo ayudarte en algo, estoy en valmoral39@hotmail.com
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    Excellent! I like your Shark!!! Especially the fin! I didn't know how to get it so thin at the end. And I also like your textures) Well done!

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    I never liked sharks. They eat each other in the womb. The natural process fertilizes a couple thousand sharks. But in the end only one shark remains. The siblings eat each other. Smaller siblings eat bigger sharks like parasites. And the bigger rip the smaller apart. They are quite nasty.

    The translation didn't convert 'tambien' to 'also'.

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    Default Hamsters are evil

    i think hamsters are far worse. At least your child wont have to witness sharks eating each other. usualy.

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    yeah, sharks are bad!!!!! A couple of weeks ago, there was a shark attack again very close to my favourit surf spot. The guy fortunately survived, in spite of three bites of bronze whaler shark. Two friends of mine were almost attacked by a bronze whaler shark. A very aggressiv species.

    I thought hamster shouldn't be hold together with other hamsters, or?

    @ valmoral39: How many polygons did you use for your model?
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    Atomicdog: I like the concept. But I think you should remoddel the mouth of the shark. It got kind of humanish lips. Or are you planning to make him sing

    Take a look at my portfolio at www.joostbouwer.nl

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    May be your right, I should let him sing.

    Just kidding! I see what you mean. I will work on that. Thanks for your help. I appreciate that.

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