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    Default Struggling..but I'll get there

    Thought I post this before I go too far with it. I modelled myself into a bit of a corner but didn't realise until I'd gone too far, but in most places I'm quite happy with it. It's a combination of techniques from all you great guys on this forum. Rick, Kris, Antropus et al. I've tried without success to get this model into C4D to add hair but I can't achieve the level of detail in the skin that I get in ZB, and the displacement goes all over the place. If I get there I'll post results. Just don't hold your breathe! ( probably sometime after the C4D pipeline comes out!!)
    Straight render, no PS.
    C + C's + Help, gratfully received. Thanks. Face1.jpg

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    hi daytona,

    good work so far! the lips seems to have a too sharp edge in the texture. I´m not sure if the ears could be a bit more downward. Good luck with the c4d exchange, it´s the same problem I´m still struggling with.


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    I've pulled the face into C4D and now realise that I have to start all over again. There were issues with the first model that I couldn't resolve. Namely that eyes don't fit the model, and that my edge loops weren't in the right places and I was getting pinching. So nothing for it. I'm starting again. This time I'm going to take the original low res model, originally made from ZSpheres and I'm going to rebuild in C4D and sort out the UV's before going back to ZB. See if this works

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    Ok, so I've tweaked the model a bit in C4D and pulled it back into ZB. Applying the texture from the old model comes in ok, a few places that would need retouching, but I expected that. Strangely however the texture seems to have mirrored over the model ( same beauty spots on both sides of face).
    I can live with that also. But what I don't get which maybe someone can help with, is when I take the model + texture into PM and clean up the texture gaps via ZappLink, all looks cool. I accept changes and all is fine. Then when I exit PM, ZB thinks about it for a minute, then the whole texture changes to a general all over skin colour with no detail. BeforePM.jpg After-PM.jpg

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    good start!
    Couple of crits :-
    the texture around the eyes is way too red,
    And lips are a little funky.
    General skin tone looking really good though

    Cant think whats causing your little problem :/

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    Thanks Seb. I've found that the redness calms down a lot in the render and with a skin shader underneath. Anyway here's my next drama. I decided to make a new texture and started painting in PM, then when I picked it up the image turned into this. Help.... AfterPM2.jpg

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    When assigning a texture, you need to go to the lowest division level, click your UVTile/Texture option of choice, and then you can go back up to the higher subdivs.

    Why zbrush can't do this automatically, I don't know... <

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    Wow, I didn't know that! Thanks!

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