I have been hard at work creating my characters for my upcoming animation and mod game, soon however I will be creating its non organic things As i will be studying the box modeling aspects of Zbrush. I saw a real cool car shoes and a number of non organic items in a predominantly organic world.

My challenge is this: For the prologue of my game I will be creating a labatory. and will need to create a number of nonorganic items. office furniture, soda machines, wheelchairs, medical tables and supplies, doors, just anything that will be going into a lab facility. Plants, phones, computers, tvs, etc.

However the vision however is not as you see here on earth but rather on a different planet with a slightly more advanced technology, for example the tv is not a box that I will be creating but rather a 3d space container that will house and create 3d images. more like there tv will be 2d almost 3d holograms but not quite. I hope to use this challenge to gain a better understanding of boxmodeling and see if any of you have created some of the described peices already. If you would like to donate some too that would be great. I hope to post some of my peices as well here as I make them.