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    Default A quick arm (Beginners)

    Here is a Zscript of an arm from base mesh to 3rd level subd.

    Hey guys, I've never really posted any of my work before (intimidated by fantastic works of art here, heh) but I thought I might as well release this Zscript that I made for my friend. I've only been learning ZB for about 1 or 2 months (never actually MADE anything yet, just experimenting) so I decided to bust this out.

    You may notice that the forearms and hands are not perfect, as I was concentrating on the upperarm, not to mention I was trying to do it as fast as I can. I was focussing on showing how to do basic stuff rather than finish it =]. Also I have had no training on anatomy at all, and neither am I self taught, so sorry about bad musculature! All the anatomy work I've done is from the anatomy Zbrush tutorial that came with 3dworld magazine.

    I'm no good at traditional modeling, so this base mesh is the one that actually comes with XSI. Sorry about that!

    Crits are welcome.

    EDIT: Is there perhaps a way to make a Zscript run slower?
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