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    Hi, recently I have been working on this model, some of you may find familiar, I assume I'm as close as possible to getting it to match up to my reference pictures to the best of my ability. Now I'm texturing which is a different story, I've already lost one piece which was far closer than this, because of saving the file as a "texture" instead of the model itself. Although that is irrelevant I thought I'd mention it any way to ask how to save a model and a texture? My main question however though is if anyone can give me some advice on some good texturing information for this piece, like I said I think I'm pretty much done with the modelling part, but please feel free to comment on it if you think there is room for improvement, (Which I know there is).

    This is a picture of the model dropped in place (not with projection master, just not in edit mode) and a second layer of eyes (yes I know they're horrible, and I'm working on improving my skill in making them.) Any ways, Most of that was done with the roll over brush, except for the eyes. If anyone has a better method, I'd really love to hear it so I can use it for this guy . Thanks in advance, to all those that reply. (These are two of my reference images by the way)


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    To save a model with the texture you go to the tools menu and click save tool as. After you specify the name and click save, it will ask if you want to save the accompanying texture as well, just click yes after that.

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