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    Hi George,
    so, then the little dark spot in front of the upper left woman
    should be the seam i guess.The seam is one reason why i don´t like to use Zspheres for closed Knots myself btw.
    You could easily use your method for square based knots too(e.g. stuff like femknot),but most likely you already know that.
    As for the texture question:that´s no feat,just import a square image of your choice(texture->import),then on subdiv level 1assign the image via tool->texture->uv tile to your model.
    (You can find another example in my "Geometrickals" thread.)

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    Hi J.,

    You are correct: the spot is the seam where the ends of the ZSphere loop end. You are also right about using ZSpheres for the femknot.


    I agree with you about the seams with closed knots. It would be much simpler if ZSpheres could be welded. It is possible to use the Re-Topology features to get rid of the seams, but I have not been successful with this: I probably need more practice.

    Thank you for the texture technique information. I will try this the next time I use ZBrush.

    I also look forward to having a look at your Geometrickals thread. I am headed there next.



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