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    Exclamation A Tribute to Captain America.

    For those of you that don't know, Captain America was shot. Reports are that he's dead. To honor his memory I created this 3d model.

    I wanted to go with the style of Ed McGuinness, with the wide jaw, the Jay Leno chin, the tiny ears and short forehead. For the uniform I felt he needed armor on the chest. That big star is a big target. I'll be working on another style of uniform without the armor, more of the traditional spandex. Check for updates.

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    Captain said: "We're not fighting for the people anymore, we're just fighting"

    nice homage.

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    Whoa, nice.

    Can we see the lower res stuff?
    Is the clothing/armor part of the same model?

    any insights into technique?

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    Default The process

    1. I started with a basic poly model and with Zbrush created number one. He's strong, well built, and looks like he could fill the mask of Captain America. Let's see how it would look like.

    2. In Modo I copied poly's from his body and on another layer pasted them and created the uniform. You could also draw polys on the body, which ever works. I unwrapped the UV and painted the texture maps. When I rendered it out I got number two. Doesn't look at all what Cap should look like. Nuts! Okay, back to the the drawing board.

    3. I look around the the net for images of Captain. I don't like any of them. While walking around the local book store I happen across “Superman and Batman, Public Enemies.” drawn by Ed. This is it! This is how I want Captain America to look! I run back to my computer and bring in the puny guy and beef him up. When I say I took the model into Zbrush, I took everything: the body, the mask, the gloves, all of it (what could go wrong). I'm throwing hunks of muscle on him. I widen the jaw, add a strong chin, shrink his ears and finish him up. When I take the poly model into my 3d program I notice the textures are acting funny. I look at the UV and find ALL OF THEM ARE MASHED INTO ONE PILE! Nuts! I was sure you could have multiple poly in Zbrush. I look at the practical guide. You can have several polys but the UV can't be over-lapping. Oh Zbrush 3, where are you?

    I re-did his UV and painted him again. The hardest part was trying to get the right materials for Cap. What does a fusion of vibranium with an experimental steel alloy look like? Should Cap be in spandex, chainmail, or leather?

    That's how I did it. I want to say that the old saying that you need artistic skills for 3d is true. This isn't true for Maya or Max where you can be a technician. With Zbrush you really do need artistic skill. Not the “I'm a performance artist who jumps in a fish tank nude, swims around and comes out draped in the flag and calls it art” but the old traditional art skill of drawing or sculpting realistically. The hard part is trying to find an art school that teaches those skills. And if you do go to an art school don't take Painting as a major, you won't learn anything.


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    Ha ha ha!
    Nice, yes, it's true that one's real skills as an artist translate easily nto ZBrush. Yes, it's funny how the old classical rules and techniques are pretty much not taught beyond the 7th grade. The art school I went to was the kind where if you drew or sculpted something, and it represented what you were looking at accurately, you pretty much failed. I understand that ultimately what is important is that, as artists, we put our unique look (soul) into every piece.
    I just think it's more fun to break the rules when you know what they are.
    (Whoops, sorry about the smiley face)

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    The more traditional style.

    Darn, forgot to move the fingers.
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