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    Default Yoda Empire Strikes Back WIP


    Still waiting for my new PC to work (Bad graphics card)
    Made this in ZB2 on my old laptop. It's maxed out at 1.5 million polys. I wanted to post him in time for the 30th anniversary. I know he's in rough shape. Will try my damnest too make him look good.

    Will post again when my new PC is working with ZB3.
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    The actual model looks pretty good but I have to say the material you're using looks really bad.

    I haven't really used the materials in Zbrush so can't really suggest anything but I do like the actual model.

    Pete B

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    Thanks Pete.

    The material and color will be a simple fix when I go 3.0 as I can use matcap to get the correct color and that other trick where you can paint an actual bitmap image onto the models surface. Being able to give him real eyes as another object will help as well.

    I'm very new to Zbrush. I'm painting it with RGB set to 0 and then I turn RGB off too shape him. The colors are markers more than actual representation of the texture and color. Many mistakes to make in order to learn.

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