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    Default New stuff in Z3 - torso study

    I sculpted a cylinder for the body with no regard for edge loops. I followed that up with the retopology tool - awesome. It's such a freeing work flow. Used subtools and mesh extraction for the extras. Lazy mouse for wrinkles and stiching, tiling alphas for a little cloth texture and skin pores. Lots of fun!TorsoStudy.JPG

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    nice one but the bra looks painful

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    Default Another anatomy doodle


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    Default stages for the torso

    Top Left - basic sculpt.
    Top center and right - couple skin shaders and some extractions
    Bottom - retopologize and soften

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    Default Hooded man

    Subtools are so great.


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    i like your male study some bigger pictures pls

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    Default Bigger picture-nudity

    Here you go! Didn't work blow the elbows or the knees much. This was for an anatomy discussion/ modeling I had with a friend about a week ago.


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    Default Bust

    Character prototypestacheBust.JPG

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    Really like the last character. Very realistic. Keep'em coming.

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    Default Another bust - used Transpose for mood

    ...which is why the neck is so smooth. For this test I deleted the subdivs so I could add the eyes back into the mesh to transpose together. Without spending too much time on the test I masked off the polys and reposed the head, I smoothed out some anomalies on the neck area. I won't export this posed so I didn't spend any time on the sculpt in this pose. I like what a little posing does for getting a feel for the character.tPoseBust.jpg

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    >>For this test I deleted the subdivs so I could add the eyes back into the mesh to transpose together.

    You do not have to delete subdiv, simply make sure that the eyes have the same number of subdiv then insert the mesh. If you do this, you will have a combined mesh with all the original subdiv levels intact and you can transpose the combined mesh in a lower subdiv level.

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    Default Good to know - awesome!

    So, it is the mis-match beween subdiv levels which makes them incompatible for mesh insertion. Now that you say it, it makes so much sense! Thank you for the reply!

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    Default Following Aurick

    I reconstructed subdivs on the eyes and made them match the number of subdivs on the head (6 in this case). Then I cloned the eyes, deleted them as subtools, and inserted them as meshes. Then the eyes and head are all capable of moving up and down through the subdivs, like Aurick said, and it's sweet! I went ahead and reposed it using the much softer gradient mask I can easily get from lower poly mesh, and posed it up. The neck details are maintained, and the sterno-cleido mastoid even seems to deform like a muscle. Zbrush rocks, no doubt.tpose.jpg

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    looks great!

    Are you able to get the topology going over subtools? What I mean is I have a guy with jacket..when i go to do topology on him it only does body...not jacket. Does this happen to you?

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    Default I'll check it and see!

    There is also a recent post into the end of this thread, which discusses that...


    I'll let you know what I find

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