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    Default WinZip - How to Package Multi-part Files

    This is just a quick refresher for those looking to distribute multi-part files (scripts and brushes, in particular). This method of saving zips means you won't get several posts moaning that 'it doesn't work' because the user has failed to read the installation notes properly.

    The secret is to set up a dummy folder structure directly on the root of your hard drive, starting with ZStartup and containing all the sub-folders your scripts or brushes require. To save you messing around, I include a zip for this purpose below.

    Download and open this file( http://www.pantsofpower.com/ZipStructure.zip ) > select all (notice the 'Path' info) > Extract > tick 'Use Folder Names' > navigate to the root of your C Drive > Extract. You should now have a new set of folders on the root of your drive called 'ZStartup', with a set of sub-folders, all populated with 1 pixel gifs, which you can delete.

    Work out what you want to distribute (in this case a brush, which consists of 4 files). Set up Explorer so you have your new C\ZStartup structure on the left and your C\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush3 folder open on the right. Copy and paste or drag'n'drop the files you need into the C\ZStartup folders. Don't rename the copied files, as that will destroy the file associations. You don't need the .zsc file, as ZBrush will build that automatically.

    Open WinZip > New > navigate to the root of your C drive > name zip file > Ok.
    Add > navigate to C\ZStartup\Macros\Brushes > select file > ensure 'Save full path info' is ticked > Add.
    Repeat with all other files required to make brush work. Close WinZip. The new zip is on your C drive.

    The instructions you want to give to your end user are : "Select the files you want > Extract > ensure 'Use Folder Names' is ticked > Navigate to C\Program Files\Pixologic and click on ZBrush3 to hi-light it > extract."
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