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    Smile masks, ongoing project

    z3 has been such a gem, and i aperciate the artists on here so...

    in honor of frenchy and the wonderful individuals on this forum and pixologic for making this even possible, we embark on a mask series for as many people on here as possible!

    [note my other threads will get finished, this is also a test to make my skills flourish and give back to the comunity]

    First to start it off, heres my mask, i am working on frenchy's but not done with it and all of them will be coloured as needed =)

    mask 1 peleminary.jpg

    its a start i may leave it at that for the sculpting, as abstract and move onto everyone elses. and these are ment to be wall hangings =) i have a mask base too to speed things up only with decent topography
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    Looks like a fun project Yari. Dont give up on this but use this thread as a learning tool. I think you will find it rewarding
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    ty tartan, its definantly going to be a learning tool =)
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