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    Default Which touchscreen monitor is good?

    Hi every1, i would like to know from modellers who use zbrush program whether if any of you guys have any touchscreen monitors that allows you to sculpt your models easily. If so, which touchscreen monitor do you recommend me to buy?

    I am in England and have a budget of about £1000

    Any info would really help me good as i am doing a game designing course.

    Thank You!!!

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    Default j

    I couldn´t say wich one is the best but sculpting with a touch screen makes things a lot easier..
    I use the small cintiq 15" ... this is the older and smaller wacom cintiq and it hasnt many of the ituos capabilities , like angle, rotation..
    I think it s a cheap" solution and it works very well.. Maybe if someone else uses a better screen can tell you if you really need to pay a lot more for their advantages.

    I hope this helps

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    I've also been using a Cintiq that's a little older (the 18" variant) and have a great time using it. Unfortunately my tablet pc (it's a Toshiba) doesn't work at all well with ZB 2 and instantly crashes ZB 3 when I touch the stylus to the screen with ZB3 open. There may be a reason for this behavior in that many tablet PCs do not use a wacom driver (many sales people will also not know what the difference is, and it isn't always easy to find out from the companies themselves, unfortunately) so I would definitely use caution if going that route. On the other hand, I have some friends who use Cintiqs at work and don't like them at all because the hand ends up obscuring the screen real estate as you work. I personally don't find this an issue any more than I do when sketching or sculpting in traditional media, but I would say you should try it before you buy it since it's a hefty investment. Hope this helps.


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    Hi, Dargelos and Johannes

    Thank you for taking time to answer to my thread and your information has been very useful. So Cintiq is Wacom's product? I didn't know...

    Dargelos---you reply has been helpful to me thank you.

    Johannes---thank you for reminding me about the tablet pc, i had totally forgotten about it.

    Just in case if any of you haven't seen this vid, then you should because its really awesome video http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/corefeatures/# (then just click on the Z3 Debut Movie tab on the navigator bar.)

    I saw a big touchscreen monitor in the middle of the video, do any of you two know by chance what type of touchscreen monitor they were using? (too bad they don't show the time on the player, so i could have given the exact frame where the monitor is. Sorry)

    i have a question that i would like to ask....Dargelos and Johannes---how long have u been using the Cintiq?

    Thank you again for your replies!!!

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    It definitely looks like it's a Wacom Cintiq, probably the 21UX, since that is the only Cintiq model currently sold. Wacom sells some other pen displays that are not Cintiq's, but I don't know if they are just as good in terms of technical specs. I know they don't have the user buttons on the sides, but they may have all the Intuos3 capabilities.

    Unfortunately, the 21UX is 2500 US dollars, and if it is being sold at a direct exchange rate, that would put it at about 1250 pounds. It is possible it sells for less in the UK, but it is also possible it actually goes for more.

    Check out the page below for a list of PC makers who use Wacom tablet technology in their Tablet PC products. You have to check with each manufacturer to verify that a given model actually uses Wacom tech, but if it does, then it uses Wacom drivers that could give you Cintiq-level capabilities. The downside is most Tablet PC products are not the fastest and highest-memory computer systems you can get, and when they are, you pay for it.


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    Don't forget to check eBay! That's where I got my Intuos 3 Wacom (9 X 12) for about half price. Works great!


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