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    Default Ride to DOOM!

    Everything was made in Z3, for the car there wasn't a base mesh made in another then exported to Zbrush. This car was made from the top of my head.... so it really isn't modeled from an actual car, but the next model i plan to make a Mustang Gt. Mainly I just wanna show that Z3 can make non-organic just as well as those poly modeling programs. Mainly just to go against what my friend said....lol. Also with the method I used.... it really didnt involve alot of tweaking. Ride of Doom (Medium).JPG

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    for no reference i think you nailed the look of the freeways in LA. nice job.

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    This is yet another car test (fully made in Zbrush).

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    try box modeling, works better for cars like that.

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    hey, nice idea and execution! this was my dream too, to make a car model totally in zbrush =)
    After adding some more volume making a new topology can give you more control for hard corners.
    Flatten brush is better than other brushes while making such hard faces.

    Keep it up, i'll be watching this interesting thread.

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    Well this is my 3rd try.... and I think im starting to get the idea how to go about modeling an object like a car........ let me begin explaining my previous attempts...

    1st Car (Ride Of Doom): I started out with a sphere (*What... a sphere...for a car...? stupid..#$#*$newb#@&). Yeah as wierd as it sounds, but it was mainly to quickly rough out the shape of the car. Then I drew a new topology over the car shape, while tweaking the points. Then I took off the smoothing option for the "Divide" tool. Then I divided the mesh a few times then began tweaking and manually smoothing various parts of the car.

    2nd Car (Mustang.....wanna be): This time instead of making a car from the top of my head, I used a reference image. I did the same method as I did for the first car, but I began to loose the flat/smooth look at a higher poly count when trying to add simple detail. Which usually I masked off a section, invert masking, moved section, invert mask again and smooth around mask. This was done to kill off the hard edges, put still keep them pretty sharp looking.

    3rd Car (From the top of my head): This was another test, but instead of using the above method, I stared with a zphere. I set the subdivision to level 1. Then did a basic shape of the car in the zphere with 3 extrusions, then tweaked the mesh to rough out the shape of a car. Then a I made the adaptive skin a mesh at the lowest subdivion. Then I subdivided once to tweaked out the shape a bit more. What I did next is what really helped me to give the car a flat but smooth look with a high poly count. I took of the smoothing option on "Divide," then divided the lvl to 3, then put the smoothing option on again and divided it to lvl 5. Then afterwards I extraced the part of the mesh (since its the frame that I'm pretty much working on) and added some simple detail.
    Car 2.jpg

    Sorry for the length.... just keeping a log of my methods. Next car I do, I'm gonna break the car (frame) into several parts instead of trying to make it one mesh.... I think this may be where I'm going wrong. So Next till the next effort in this learning process.............
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    I suggest to use a lot projection master to keep as much hard sufcaes as possible.
    I did a small tutorial on a car modeling on zbrush:

    Good luck!
    S├ębastien Legrain A.K.A Sebcesoir


    Yeahh!!! Thx pixologic, it's damn cool to have Zbrush caps!

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    Default Yet another car...

    Thanks Sebcesoir, very nice tutorial. I found the projection master to be quite useful at high subdivisions. While the layer brush was the icing on the cake. In hard surface modeling I found the layer, pinch, and clay brush to be really helpful. As for the flat brush... I say it would be useful to me if not for the seams that are left behind.
    Well this is the other car that i did (wheels not included), while the car monster was just a doodle.
    Car and Monster.jpg

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