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    Thank you very much.

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    Default Some Imps

    I wanted to do something silly and crude. I had some ideas of being really childish and over the top with the design, but ultimately dialed it back and settled on this guy as the concept. He's still ridiculous, but not as crude as he could have been. Maybe next time

    OK, crits and comments always welcome

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    This image is silly and crude. Love it! do more.

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    Yeah. Too many ratracers are indeed like this.
    I mean: like you portray them, which is beyond silly and crude.

    Great work indeed!

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    Thanks guys.
    It's been a weird year with a lot of great things but also a lot of stress. I definitely have to return to silly and puerile from time to time for the cathartic value.

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    Final image

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    Default Beyond Human

    Hi gang.
    This guy started as what I had hoped would be an entry in the current Artstation challenge, "Beyond Human". Unfortunately, I realized I don't have the spare time needed to do all the work I would need to to be eligible.
    So, I'm just trying to get this guy finished as a personal piece. This is a WIP -- no textures or finished details yet. No pose.

    My idea was a human race in the future that can constantly physically alter itself as desired as it interacts with it's environment. It can add limbs, modify limbs, organs, etc... on the fly. What would a species of human be like when it's aesthetic choices and functions weren't limited by nature. How would it choose to look and how did the race get to this point. For this character, my thinking is it would have progressed by the slow infusion of technology over centuries till it arrived at a state where there is no longer any real distinction between natural and artificial. Thus, an atavistic aesthetic that has a vaguely mechanical look may persist. Here they are no longer part machine and part organic. It's trans-organic. But having at one time been a hybrid between organic and synthetic, perhaps a suggestion of the two is visually still part of the species.
    Anyway, I hope to at least get this fellow done eventually. Too bad about the challenge.

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    update on this.

    Still very much a WIP with more work yet to do.

    Some surface detail and texture has been added since last posting.

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    This is pretty close to what I had imagined. Have to do a little playing with the bump detail effect on the limbs -- that's stronger than I want. Made his limbs more "creature-like" than I want and it's a bump issue. Still, the idea for our race as it could appear in the far future when our aesthetic has evolved according to our own ability to change our form as needed and our organic life is only one part of a complex, multi reality existence.

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    I really like this concept. Great job! What did you use to render it?

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    Thanks. Keyshot for the render. Photoshop for comp.

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    Default Testing Keyshot 7

    Hi all. Here's a new Alien concept.

    I'm using him to play around with Keyshot 7

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