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    Default GaurTaur, future miniature

    This guy will be printed out sometime in the future. I modeled this guy in pieces, mostly using a new technique I developed. I mask off part of a polyplane in the profile I need ( say, the side view of the legs ), then I extract from the plane, hit the extract with smooth brush, then start sculpting. I even did the torso this way. It's a very quick way to rapidly build model parts. If there are too many pucker points, then I quickly retopo to something prettier.

    I use ctrl-shift, and then the zproject brush to ensure the arms, head, and hands will properly mate with their counterparts when he is finally printed. Before printing, I will move the parts I want to be seperate to ensure the best printing.

    The sword and shield were done in moi, and then tweaked in Zbrush.

    This is not the final pose, but more a 'fit' test.


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    great character , are you gonna make texture to it ? This would be cool to see the model completly achieve.
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    That kicks butt! Good to see someone else using MOI. I love that program. Looking forward to seeing how your print comes out.

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