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    Default Scared Silly Entry by Pawel Tokarz

    Hello Everyone!

    Sorry for posting so late, but I didn't want to jinx it and post b4 I'm positively sure, that I have a slightest chance of meeting the deadline.
    Ok. So please welcome the absolute classic figure: Count Orlok (or someone from his family members ).
    Him, being a synonym for terror for quite some years (he arrived to the silverscreen in 1922), now met his ultimate match: The Dentist. Don't be surprised, he hasn't looked after his teeth for long centuries And this uncanny look of his face just begs for being used in another situation.
    I plan to create a short flash animation using stills produced with ZBrush/Lightwave.
    I'm a ZBrush virgin when it comes to character creation, so please bare with me and don't hesitate to add Your comments.

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    An animation! Phew! I hope your quick!

    Seriously and animation is a brave step to take in this competition. Though you may want to check that it's allowed by the rules.

    Anyhow, nice concept, good luck.

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    Well, it won't be very fancy, more of a "banner style". Regarding the rules: I wasn't able to obtain official statement from Aurick, so I hope everything goes
    And yes, I hope I'm quick enough too Oh well... Sleep is much overestimated, ain't it?

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    I think it's time to post some pics from WIP process
    I hardly had time for anything those last days, so I thought Halloween is as good day as any to present what I was struggling with for some time
    All started with an ordinary Sphere I sculpted and retopoed to create a head, that could be moved to my rendering package (Lightwave).
    Next I UVed it in LW and brought back to ZB for maps creation.
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    Then was a time for creating the rest of the creature.
    I had begun with simple ZSphere model, which again, after converting it to polymesh, I retopoed and started a basic sculpt.
    Next step became my personal nightmare. I wated LOTS of time to properly pose the body. Tried to rig it with ZSpheres. Unfortunately my mesh was exploding due to no apparent reason every time I tried to pose it with a rig
    After a few completely wasted hours, I decided to use transpose ans heal the sculpt afterwards (dodgy transpose masking control ) Of course I posed it on a new layer, in case I would have to add symmetrical details later
    After healing the mesh, I sculpted some more details and added nails.
    In the meantime I had a hell of experimentation with materials in Lightwave...
    As You can see, I'm nowhere near the finishing line. Hope I'll make it I'm currently working on maps in ZB and sweat in the middle of the night... Fortunately I'm in a different time zone and midnight of 2.11.07 is 9:00 3.11.07 for me
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    TBH I feel extremly intimidated by all the other contest threads. I knew, that ZBrush Central gathers great artists, but I didn't expect, what I had seen.
    I think I should have browsed those threads b4... It would save me quite a few sleepless nights, I spent on struggling with my project
    The bright side is, I learnt a lot during that time.
    Anyways, here goes the shader test for the skin.
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