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    Post a 45 degree update. I think you may have a problem with the ack of your skull... the lower back half behing the ear. Looks great from the front.

    Your ears are better but imo still need work. The area above the opening to the ear (hole) where the cartilage part curves around and in, is too harsh on the outer lip (#1 in paintover)

    The upper front peice (#2 in paintover) seems to extend to far back and is overly large. I refer to the indentation, which is generally the size of a fingertip.

    Finally The lower section (#3 in paintover) is made up quite firm cartilage. Your looks a little fleshy and not really defined.

    Overall your ear seems too fleshy imho.

    Anyway... I hope this helps. I think you have a great model here and some obvious talant.


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    Great progress, Remib! Throat and clavicle area are much more realistic now.

    Like SonofRichard said, the eyeballs seem to big and/or maybe to much in the front. As a rule of thumb the diameter of an eyeball is about 1/5 width of the head and the two eyeballs are about one eyeball away from each other.

    Elixir posted some good advice about the ears. I too think that they are too fleshy, plus more parts of the ear are not directly connected to the head. I don't know how to describe this more clearly but here is a link to a great thread about ears with a lot of reference:

    The same site hosts a thread about eyes:

    Hope this helps,

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    Thx for your kind words Guti , I really appreciate your work, it gives me a lot of inspiration.
    I work hard to improve my 3d skill you know, and i'd like to be a professional CG artist in the future, I mean It's very difficult to be autodidact, so many things to learn .
    fortunately zbrushcentral is a great place to share technics and works, I think we all have to learn from each others this way.
    Happy zbrushing to you
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    Thx for your comments Guys, your precious tips and links would be very helpfull.
    I'm gonna make those adjustements soon.
    Thx again for your encouraging words
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