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    Default Deinonychus

    Here's a render of my latest model using zBrush and 3D Studio Max.

    This is also my first attempt at poly painting.

    The high poly model is 2.9 million polys (no HD geometry this time around), the low poly one (rendered here) is just over 11,000 polys and it uses 2 textures, one for the head and neck and the other covering the rest of the body. I also rigged the model and will do some animations one of these days.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it (zbrush is so addicting).


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    Woah! Astounding stuff - love the materials too and the depth of field effect. =]

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    Looks like an awesome job!

    How long did that thing take you to make? (texture looks awesome!)

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    Thanks guys,

    Off and on about a week or so. I only worked on it an hour here, 1/2 hour there. Like I said, it's my first attempt at poly painting so most of the time was spent learning the tricks of that.

    The textures aren't final I'll take them into photoshop yet and define the scales better...basically add a bunch of detail to it. I'll also do a better render of it eventually it's all just a matter of finding time to do it since this is just a fun project for me and not really going towards anything else.

    Again, thanks for the comments

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    Well, it's been a while since I've visited this thread, but I thought I'd post some of the in game screenshots of the raptor. It turned out we ended up using it for a mod release Jurassic Rage. I dropped down the poly count to about 4k or so, re-rigged it, had a friend, Alex Gibson, help out with the texture and we then released the small mod (over the course of 2 days :P)


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