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    Hi everyone...
    It's bean a long time, but what to do... if you like your job so much, then I guess you shouldn't be paid to do it

    I know there is not even one character on screen, but I used ZB in a lot of texture building, normel maps, despacment for enviros, Trees... etc. so here is a nother powerful usadge to use ZB in... just more power to me ...

    ok.. Here's a development that was done in a bout 4 week from scratch, it is in an area South Bahrain close to the F1 track, this just got launched this week. the models on screen are 7.5 mill, GI on, and over 2 GB of images, modeling was built on both LW and Modo, and there was sculpting in ZB. Big thanks to the developers that help create good aps that helps the artist to day to achieve a heavy load in such short time, Newtek, Luxology.

    The video is Just a teaser for the final animation, it was designed to be looping in the back ground only, hopefully the final would have everything in it hop you enjoy...

    Click here for 1 min Animation Loop


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    i'm impressed, i would like to see some more close ups to get a better idea of the details, excellent stuff

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