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    Default ?? about a bluring macroscript and topological masking

    I made a silly macroscript that shrink masks.
    It's just lowering down subd,bluring a few times,going up again and sharpening

    The thing is that it don't works on Topological Masks
    It's like they are creased or something...I can blur them to death
    and they still won't go away!

    Is anyone aware of a button somewhere to weaken those bastards
    I made this macroscript especially to be able to shrink topological masks.

    Who knows?!
    Maybe someone knows already a script that can do that
    and even one able to grow masks

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    You can set blur/sharpen strengths in Preferences>Transpose but I don't think that will make much difference. In the quick experiments that I did I couldn't find an answer to your problem.

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    Yeah ,those masks are on vitamins or something...Not "everywhere" ,but a mask on the demosoldier's arm is like impossible to shrink.
    I guess I'll use my macroscript as it is,it works fine with eyes,mouths and even ornements.I can make very grotesque masks on parts and it's shrinking them and making them take the shape of the underlying topology,it still save me a lot of masking time.
    (also; it's very strange but it seems the strenght of it is related to
    the distance of the model on the canvas)
    Anyway,Thank you for the time you took to look into that.

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