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    Default Demon in the dark

    Hi all!,

    This was originally just going to be a doorknocker built as an exercise from Scott Spencer's new book, Zbrush Character Creation, Chapter 1 (To try something different I decided to make a demon head instead of the Lion head in the book), but after about 2 hours I realized I was headed away from the doorknocker so I decided I'd see where it went and ended up using it as a testbed for using an optical mixing approach to polypainting (Scott covers this extensively in the book) and then trying out the photoshop compositing section of the book as a way to control renders in ZB. After that I did a little bit of post glows and tweaks and that's where it is at this point. One thing I did figure out was that starting from a flat plane (as per the book) it gets real tricky to keep the polycount workable since the tesselation is the same across the entire "sheet" of geometry. I think for the future I'll stick to a simple box "armature" for head quick sculpts since I found myself fighting with the plane mesh fairly frequently. That said, I think that the exercise of starting from the flat plane is a very nice way to explore the nature of volume building and how we see depth/dimension, so I would definitely recommend the exercise, just maybe not for something where the sculpt is being done for work/on a deadline. Likewise, I definitely recommend the book as well (disclosure: I have taken classes from Scott over at Gnomon, so I might be biased ), it is very well written and so far has actually been fun to read unlike some books on CG that just restate the user manual.
    As always any thoughts, suggestions etc are always welcome.



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    however you made it, i like it. I like the composition and the colors, wish the eyes had more depth personally, but its a nice piece.

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