Well it is time to produce my own 3d scenes its what I have trained so much for. So here it is I have gotten all the Neccessary equip guns cam programs skill etc.

I will be using AE PS C4D Vegas Zbrush and Avid. to produce this film.

The Film will be a Live action shot of 3 people in a gun battle one is shot turning into the T2 robot. Camera angle Change, the 3rd actor will appear with a terminator face from where he got shot. He will Fire at the other 2 actors killing them and his eye will do the eye shine thingy.

The Terminator Actor will be wearing Chroma Key makeup. Several Shots will be used in the composite.

1 raw shot and a Chroma Live action shot for effect layer.

Well heres my Terminator Model I will be taking this to c4d and animate it code it if theres moving parts.

I have purchased all the neccassery equip HK5 severel pistols and shotguns(replicas). It will be a Fun Video.

terminator copy.jpg
hk5 prop.jpg