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    Default Toon Vampirella

    Hi all,

    Thought I might throw my hat in with the big boys and see what happens.

    Been working on this for a while now on and off I wanded to something that did'nt involve exracting normal maps just a bit of fun really, her proportions are meant to be a bit off to get that cartoony feel.

    Still got a bit to go but should be finished soon then I'll try and pose her.

    Tell me what you think.



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    welcome to the el stripo electro. hehehe great proportions on that sculpt really nice work. if u want that cartoony look to pop tho you must, you must,you must increase her bust, round out that booty and give a bit more length in those legs. i wouldnt scale the legs proportionally to the rest tho or it will start looking like some uber muscley woman. and of course the pose will really make this model kick ass. maybe biting one finger seductivly or something. good luck!


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    Hey man.

    Great work. Really have some nice curves. Love the legs and boots!
    Would change here arms though, even if it is cartoony. They look really manly. Her upper arm seems to short compared to her lower arm

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    man, she got man-hands, man!! :P

    i'm digging the cartoony style and proportions, dude. i do argree about the arms, tho. the length seems a bit off some where... i feel like they're thin enough. maybe just scaling them out a little?

    some cartoony styles can pull off bigger hands, but i'm not sure if it's working here. especially being a female toon.

    other than that, i think it looks amazing. the boots are awesome along with the fabric on the body. i like the hair, too.

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