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    Default Don't have an Apple ID

    Quote Originally Posted by MGebhart View Post

    Today I put together a rather fast tutorial on bringing in a DAZ Studio Model into ZBrush and then texturing the model. This is by no stretch a comprehensive tutorial but, gives you a starting point for the procedure. There may be other ways of accomplishing this task but, this worked for me.

    All comments and suggestions are welcome. Please be aware this is a first down and dirty release. So, I'm sure there will be small errors or glaring mistakes. Again, please provide feedback.

    You may download the tutorial by following this link:


    The tutorial is under the eLEARNING link and is named DAZtoZB.pdf.

    Have fun and thank you.

    I would love to download the PDF but when I click on the link and go to the page I'm asked to enter an 'Apple ID'. I don't use a mac and don't have an ID.

    Can I download the PDF elsewhere?

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    Can't find the video.Is there a new link to view it?

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    This thread is over 5 years old.

    Just use the GoZ plugin and the latest version of DazStudio

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    Hi Eiliestl, I use DS4 with goz. It's really quite easy to use. Are you wanting to create morphs or textures? If morphs reduce your models geometry to the base level.

    While the model is selected hit the goz button.

    Depending on your computer it may take a little while but zbrush should load. The object is automatically loaded as a tool soit loads like any other tool.
    Before doing any thing else make sure you click on the edit button. After this you should be able to rotate and edit the model.
    If creating morphs you might want to enable x symmetry which is located under the transform menu.
    The brushes I've found the most useful are the move and topological move. They won't add any additional polys.

    Texturing is a but more complicated bit there are some great tutorials in zClassroom or check out the zBrush forum at HiveWire.

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    Link no longer seems valid. Any update?

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