Hi all!,


It's been way too long since I did any posts but I got handed an interesting challenge by a friend so off I went into ZBrush to experiment.
The basic idea was to produce 4 differentdesign directions for Batman's helmet/mask while keeping the basic front silhouette consistant with the DC Comics general version, and I decided to try doing the work as "speed sculpts" instead of drawings since it occurred to me that with a drawing you can easily and unwittingly "cheat" proportions etc whereas with a sculpt you can check it from every direction and catch design erors more reliably.
Patricularly numbers 1 & 3 were intentionally kept close to the "safe" original design although in hopefully different ways but 2 and particularly #4 were attempts to go someplace a little different. Number 4 starts off with the idea of the mask covering the whole face with armor and is somewhat based on the Japanese face plate armor (mempo) and hopefully it doesn't look too robotic. On both 3 and 4 the eyes were replaced with protective cover lenses both to create a great degree of impersonal appearence and for the reason that I always felt it was a little odd that the character design neglects protecting his eyes, so I figured I'd toss an idea for that in. As a rule I tried to keep each sculpt at no more than 2 hours or so but hopefully they work as "first pass" designs. As always, any thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


P.S. Obviously, Batman is copyright DC Comics