I want to paint with a texture and sculpt at same time. This is in zbrush but unfortuntely the alpha value is linked to the sculpt intensity and the texture opacity. So if your alpha has alot of black in it...that part of the texture will not paint. Resulting in over sculpting and a ghostly texture.

There is however a tedious work around.

Draw once with alpha on. Turn off alpha. Enable your texture. Hit repeat last button.

This will then redraw your texture over your sculpt with full opacity.

Perhaps though some zscripter could write us a script to do this function. It could work like this...

CHoose a brush that has both a texture and alpha in it.


the script hides the texture....

when you draw a stroke....the script then unhides texture and hides alpha...then replays last....drawing the texture now over the place you sculpted.

The script would then rehide the texture and unhide the alpha...ready to draw again.

Whenever you draw it would repeat this function until unenabled.

Or maybe in Zbrush 3.5 they have this function in

Anyway got any thoughts on this or if this script is even possible. I am an evironment artist and something like this would be very useful for drawing bricks, rocks....everything. scuplting and texturing at same time is the way to go.