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    Default Earthtribers Sketchbook

    Hi Guys it seems I too am a Zbrusherholic... my addiction has been developing in to a full blown habit over the past year... I am actually a mural artist who specializes in painting ultra violet paintings...

    when developing my art skill I used a lot of Fimo and sculpy to make a multitude of characters when I was at college and I also trained as a traditional 3d animator... worked for spitting image for a while and then gave it all up to go live in the jungle for 4 years where I started painting....

    Then I found the wonderment Zbrush and have enjoyed watching this forum for some time... last night I did a sketch which I love and now feel like I am ready to start sharing my work with you guys hoping that your crits and advice can help take me to the next level and I would love to work as a freelance modeller and character designer....

    I am in need of switching my aspire 6920 to a 64bit O system and getting another gig of ram to start handling the size of models I am approaching as I travel a lot and work from my laptop.....
    normally using my wacom tablet but that has been out of action for a month now with usb wiring issues so limited to my touchpad on my laptop but happy with my progress...

    ploymesh queen colour.jpg
    so this is last nights sketch very happy with progress with give it another days work I imagine in time

    tq zsphere base.jpg

    tq adaptive base.jpg

    Below is my current Zbrush project This one is huge and fortunately the new Zbrush 3.5 is handling a lot more polygons so I can get more achieved... I want this to be fully posed and have elaborate amour on the dragon rider also want to get some serious flames coming off a dramatic swooping flight scene perhaps with one foot touching a rock base for effect.... the rider will be exaggerated feature wise but holding magical staff and in dramatic speed flight pose.... all in all exciting and I plan to use this thread to go on that journey....
    ZBrush dragon works.jpg

    drag torso.jpg

    ZBrush doctor in the nod.jpg

    typical of my traditional sculptures.... using sculpy ad wire armatures
    lrgthumwizard fig.jpg

    ape kong.jpg

    kong et logo1.jpg

    ZBrush Drag.jpg

    well I hope you enjoy these.... I look forward to some helpful direction

    thanks guys
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    dragon teeth.jpg

    dragon teeth created I want to build interior of the mouth can anyone guide me to a good tutorial for animate-able structure.... the teeth still have to be laid out on the interior and a tongue would be great to make room for some flames.....

    now to work out where the reigns go?

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    this is kindv'e old, but i believe it still applies:

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    chinese heads.jpg

    adding wrinkles to a sculpture which has been lying around looking like it did on the right image I am happy with where its now headed... its part of a very large project... more to come

    having a few problems with importing alphas in 3.5? so cant seem to get to good wrinkles as yet good challenge work in progress for the moment....

    and thanks Universable very helpful......

    chinese heads unsym detailed.jpg
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    Default rework Rasta

    this morning |I have been reworking an old sculpture as part of a series of elders I one day would love to animate....

    added a few poses here of the progress and wanted to ask about topo someone mentioned that even sized squares is a good thing to keep in mind but then when animating you need edge flow...

    also some gnome tutorials I have seen say that you can have very large squares in non detailed areas? any thought welcomed

    rasta topo.jpg

    well heres an update of today's sketching started out with the head on the left and worked it also retopo'ed the head and beard till ended at the right hand model.... will do more later

    rasta start finish.jpg
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    Cute style.
    Love the dragon !
    Happy ZBrushing! Greetings, Dominiek D.R.

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    thanks asecbrush.....

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    Nice work man looking good,

    the real reason is to ask for the song you're using in the vid
    It's a song i've forgotten all about so thanks for reminding me,

    now all I need is a name....

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    funny enough the track is in youtube free tunes under hiphop and is by Pharcyde called "passin me by" there is also an amazing mix by nightmares on wax which is timeless too..... i think on Car boot soul album.... and if you want to go waaaaaaaaay back to the original its "Summer In the city" by the Great Quincy Jones find it on spotify for free listening...... enjoy

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    TRIBAL ELDERS refining the sketches I have so far long way to go with this project... the top row are reworked bottom row is kind of where they were all at for a while.... this forum is an inspiration to push harder thanks guys

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    rider 2.jpg

    this morning working the dragon rider... want something unusual elegant and ethereal for this working on the dragon being my best digital piece yet want to take this to the limit of my skills and maybe a bit beyond too.... planing to go to town on the amour.

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    I tried some photo shop to raise the image ... I like the simple form of her face and the necklace reminds me of a dream I had years ago.....

    tree queen.jpg
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    Hey dude ! Some good work here, but i want to be sure ? Are you using your laptop touchpad ? o___O
    Anyway some good pieces, but i recommand not to work to much with cavity mapcaps, as the startup red matcap. It can hides some important details.
    Seems like you are sculpting the main shapes at a too high level of subdivision, try to focus on the main shapes at a low level as much as possible. Seems also like you use too much the standard brush, wich is great for main shapes but not always the best for details. Try clay and clay tubes, it's great for building muscles, even facial muscles.
    The tribal elders looks good dragon also, but the best might be the alien head.
    Last thing, beware with the shoulderparts of your dragon rider, if it goes under the armpit, the movements won't be easy. And the arms looks a bit short, even if he's not human.

    Keep up the ggod job.

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    Thanks Hellgrind...

    yes fully restricted to touch pad! for all of these sculpts as my ten year tablet bust at the connection point where the wires joined the tablet and after a couple of soldering errors decided to upgrade.... so selling a pocket projector on ebay so I can buy a wacom intuos 4 medium..... as I feel that will be best for travelling.... I cant wait for that freedom to return..... it will be like upgrading from a mini to a Ferrari.....

    just started recently using that exact technique and went on the hunt for good anatomy books.... I was not using standard brush but close i was easing the focus on the inflate and dropping the intensity to try and get wrinkles developed on my elders faces....

    very excited about whats coming next and loving where my dragon rider is headed now... will remove the under side of the shoulder pad and maybe replace with strapping?

    heres a look at where the rider is now

    dragon rider2.jpg

    dragon rider.jpg

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    chinese elder.jpg

    recent work developing wrinkle techniques critics very welcome how do I make it look better guys?

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