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    Think you can make a sculpture or model that stands head and shoulders above the rest? Don’t have a ton of time to complete a full figure because you’re catching up on post holiday work? Well, have we got the challenge for you. The “Bust a Move” challenge is our first character only 3D Jam.
    Artists can create a bust of a character of their own design, a likeness, a caricature, a character from film, television, books or comics. All entries must be new work; no re-working older sculpts or models. Entries can be textured or poly-painted, but a shot of the raw model without textures should also be included in the final submission. For those that do have the time, artists may submit multiple entries, but no more than three entries per artist can be submitted for consideration for the final prize.

    Prizes & Recognition:
    The First Place winner will receive a copy of ZBrush for Windows or Mac (special thanks to Pixologic for sponsoring the challenge!), and a Weta Workshop Master Chief's Mark VI Spartan Helmet. Also, as usual, the first place winners work will be featured prominently on CGHUB.com and she/he will receive a CGHUB badge declaring them a 3D JAM winner.

    Starts: January 25th, 2010
    Ends: February 25th, 2010

    How to Begin Your Entry
    Create a WIP thread under the 3D Jams Forum with the title the title 3d Jam #4: "name of entry" - "username"
    ie. 3D Jam #4: Project Title - Admin
    Post a sketch or short description of what you'd like to create.
    You are required to post WIP images as you go along, so your fellow artists can give you feedback and learn from your techniques.
    Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    You will be judged on your final renders or screenshots. Since this is a modeling contest, textures are optional. You can render the final image in any program, or take screenshots from zbrush or mudbox. Please give us several angles of your final. We are encouraging all modelers to submit turntables of their final entries if possible (you can host them on youtube, vimeo, or other video hosting sites).

    Above all else, the moderators and staff of CGHUB want you to have fun with these challenges while growing your skills, and sharing your artwork with the rest of the community. If ever, there is anything we can do to improve these challenges, feel free to share them in the challenge forum or contact any of the following people with your suggestions:

    Your 3D Challenge team by alpha, Danny Williams, Jeff Miller, and Rodrigue Pralier.

    Special thanks to Ashley Jukes for the allowing the use of her amazing artwork in the banner for this challenge!

    Grand Prize
    Master Chief's Mark VI Spartan Helmet

    Weta Workshop http://www.wetanz.com/master-chief-s...lmet/from/best
    The pinnacle of personal defense system mechanics and innovation, the Master Chief's Mark VI MJOLNIR armour, the armour of a SPARTAN, is more an extension of himself than a suit. With features built into its structure including energy shields, multiple weapons system tracking, bio-foam and an extreme trauma protection "lockdown" mode, the armour offers both protection and support for the Chief, assisting the healing of his injuries and enhancing his abilities, allowing him near indefinite autonomous function.

    Made to approximately 1/4th scale, this helmet is cast in metal and weighs in the region of 2 lbs (1kg).


    *Note that this post has been approved by ZBrushCentral
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