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    Exclamation ZBrush Tutorials Forum Guidelines - Please read before posting.

    Welcome to the ZBrush Tutorials Forum!

    What's that? You've mastered some aspect of ZBrush and want to share your technique with the world? Awesome! We can assure you that the rest of the ZBrushCentral community will appreciate the time that you take to share your knowledge here.

    This forum is meant to give all ZBrushCentral members the place to do just that. Your tutorials can take saveral forms, whether they be recorded ZScripts that demonstrate your techniques or all-out illustrated step-by-steps. When posting your tutorial, please be as clear as possible in the thread's subject line: make sure that it says exactly what the tutorial is about so that other members can easily find it. Also, it is recommended that your post begin with an introductory paragraph that states the tutorial's purpose. Not only will that information be able to be read by anyone who hovers the mouse pointer over the thread's title in the forum, but it will also help when members conduct searches for a tutorial that covers their particular needs.

    We also recommend that you specify the difficulty level of your tutorial, whether it be "Beginner," "Intermediate," or "Advanced."

    Note that tutorials pertaining to ZScript and ZPlugin authoring should NOT be posted here. Those should go in the ZScripting Forum instead. Also, this forum is not the place to ask questions about ZBrush usage -- those questions should be asked in the Questions & Troubleshooting Forum. This forum is for finished tutorials, only.

    The moderators reserve the right to move or remove any post that is deemed to be unsuitable.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community!
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