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    Default Custom Brushes created from alphas


    i am in the process of adding detail to my project and i cant seem to find the brushes that i need so ive decided to create some custom ones. i have two questions regarding custom brushes. first, are there any videos on how to create simple custom brushes already available? second, are there any videos on how to create custom brushes from alphas available? i ask the second question because i have several alpha maps i have used and want to know if there is a way for me to turn them or use them in creating brushes to help speed up my work flow. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default CurveTriFill trouble...Me too


    Issue with CurveSurface and CurveTriFill


    I'm very new to Zbrush, and have just been going through a few of the ZClassroom videos. I came across a problem when hitting these 2 videos though:


    For some reason, my curves don't at all behave like they do in the video. In the video, the curves appear grey and white, mine are bright red and black. When I try to move a point of the curve, it moves the whole object instead. I can't do anything but move it back and forth. When applying the Bend modifier, the whole curve bends in an odd way, and I don't get the rubberband guides like in the video, or the option to move just a single seam along the curve.

    Any idea why this is happening to me? I've double checked all the settings are the same as in the video, I've changed brush sizes, I've reset my Zbrush and the settings several times, but nothing seems to fix this. I'm just worried that since it seems to be related to Curves, any curves I add in the future will have this same problem. It might just be a simple fix like a button I'm not pressing, but the video doesn't mention anything about pressing any buttons or changing settings.

    Thankful for any help on this!

    One thing I did find was under the Stroke:Curve:LockStart button. Also, there is button for lock end. It solves part of the problem.

    What I cant get to work is the way the curve is pulled on and grows longer as its stretched. Mine just stays the same length and wont stretch not allowing for a larger surface area then what was originally drawn. He has no problem with it in the video. Not sure why....?

    Anyone Know?

    Cheers, Cad

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