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    Arrow i.n.'s 3DNP turntables, WIPs, and etc.


    Click HERE to interactively view a turntable of the Crown of Thorns, powered by 3DNP


    this model was created in reference to the plant, Euphorbia Splendens/Milii, which is believed to have been the source of material used to create the iconic Crown Of Thorns in new testament writings. along with numerous web and real life references--and a little creative license--this is my rendition of the crown of thorns, which i hope to use in a project i've had planned for many years. it took several noncontiguous months of tedium to individually sculpt and paint around every single thorn on the three entirely unique vines.

    apart from being created for a personal project, i also took the time to prepare it as a Poser product for sale at renderosity.com, which you can see Here along with a bloody texture.

    It is composed of three items/subtools: vines, a flower extension (which is a seamless prop) and the ties. base meshes and UVs (which were created before UVMaster was available) were accomplished in Blender, and everything else was done with ZBrush. the renders of the crown above and in the turntable are just Preview renders from ZBrush composited with Photoshop with faux reflections over a turntable base made and rendered in Blender. All three subtools amounted to ~17 million polys within ZBrush 3.2.

    a promo image from my store
    rendered in Poser 8

    Questions, Comments and requests for additional information (wireframes, UV images, etc.) are always welcome

    thank you for viewing my first artistic post here at ZBC, and i hope many more will follow

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