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    Hey ZBrush Central,

    Been boning up on my high poly sculpting lately. The plan was, and still is, to take this from start to finish in ZBrush. Started with Zspheres, and went through a couple iterations before I found a workable result that I felt translated well into a 3D polymesh. At this point I'm about done with the high poly detail and am ready to move onto the texturing phase, which to date I haven't done much of in ZBrush. So if anyone out there has some pearls of wisdom for me then I'd be glad to hear them.

    Hand Study


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    Thats one nice looking hand you got there buddy.

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    Thanks for positivity. I checked out one of your threads (the one where you had a couple vids of your sculpts) Definitely keep going and keep pushing yourself. I found that persistence, more so than anything, will make you better at what you do. Stay sharp

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    Finally got around to some texturing on this thing. At the moment I'm hating it, but it just needs more work. I'd like to get some spec in there but I can't seem to figure out how to utilize the spec of a paticular material without using the color of it as well. Unless anyone advises me to go another route, I think I'm just going to photo texture the hell out of this thing and see where that takes me.
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    What material are you using for your base? I haven't figured out zb's materials very well, but I've found that the default skinshade4 works pretty well without adding color to the model. Playing around with the specular and diffuse curves can give decent results. Although if you really want a nice look, the multishaders are probably your best bet, using the various passes to add diffuse and specular with better control.

    I think you're right, the major thing you're missing is specular. Hands are quite oily

    Also, your poly paint looks pretty good, you might want to warm up the overall color by adding more brown and red all over. It might even work to simply set rgb to a very low opacity, choose a yellowish orange, and hit fill object once or twice to see if it moves it in the right direction. One definite thing that I see is that the major creases across the palms could use some deep red color (those lines are notably more red on my hands then the surrounding tissue) also, many people's hands, particularly male, have fairly red knuckles.

    The mesh model looks excellent, although something about the thumb and first finger nails seems off. Maybe I have weird hands though

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    Thanks for the advice...for me it's the thumb and the pinkie that are a little off, but again, I am using my own hand for reference and I'm sure it's a little different from person to person.

    I'll definitely give the knuckles and palm crevices more color as you suggested. I'll also try to mess around with the multishaders and see what results I come up with. I think more than anything I just need to have a better understanding of ZBrush's materials and how to manipulate them.

    Again, thanks for your $.02

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    Polypaint tweaks, and started messing around with some of the materials. For this render I was using one of the trishaders. Still needs more work as I'm still not sold on the texture or the render quite yet. As always, advice is appreciated.
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    That looks much better! I'd perhaps try to warm up the shadows a bit, they're looking somewhat like grime. Not sure what else to recommend without some kind of SSS effect.

    One thing I didn't notice before that might be tough to change: the high frequency noise you've got going on looks like little round bumps in thin streaks. The place I notice this the most is at the base of the thumb near the wrist on the palm. The effect is more of a caked makeup look rather than normal skin patterns. Looking again at my own palm, the surface appears mostly flat with tiny creases in random directions and the almost imperceptible 'palm print' ridges. The noise may simply be too large in scale. Fixing this may be nearly impossible without redoing a ton of work, and with the right shader it may not be a problem at all...


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    Nice eye! The high freq noise is actually occurring in a couple other places as well. I was thinking of setting my z intesity really low (maybe 1 or 2) and just lightly sketching over those areas with the smooth brush just a bit. I think what happened was I forgot to blur those alphas when sculpting in that area.

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my stuff and give me some critique. I'll make the shadows a bit warmer and see what that does.

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    Took about a week to complete this firing range at work. The boss is happy so it's time to move on to the next thing. The ceiling is for sound insulation, and is all geometry. Initially tried to do it with normal maps, but it wasn't convincing at all, so I broke down and just modeled it
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    Tasked with working on a new firing range and started blocking it out late yesterday. So far this is what I have. As of now the entire scene is going to be pre rendered, so there's really no concern about poly limit, or texture size. Basically I just have to make it look uber sexy. Nothing in this scene is final, so say what you will and I'll do what I can.
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    Redesigning the current firing range since I really didn't like the old one. Current design is based around airline hangars. Still a lot of work to go, but here's some progress
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    Something I worked on at work. I actually completed it a couple months ago, but just now got around to lighting it and getting some beauty shots. Anyways, here ya go. This thing actually took me quite a while because I actually modeled out, unwrapped, & textured all of the individual elements (cans, soap, bowls, plates, cans, etc) and then baked those textures to low poly versions of them grouped together. It's definitely not perfect, but I felt it was good enough to through on the website.
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    Working on a small project/object (it's my webcam). No sculpting here. It's all hardsurface in Max. Highpoly is done and UVs are well underway. There are some abnormalities (visible on the upper right image) on the side of the obj where all the edges are converging into a single vert; essentially creating a pole. I'll post wires later so it's obvious what I'm talking about. Not necessarily looking for critique on this, but feel free to do so should you feel the need. Also, the object has a some seams and other small details that I'm going to use as overlays on my normal map. I figure it'll be much easier this way rather than putting all those small details into the high poly.
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    More progress on this guy. Took a while to get the AO + Norms ironed out the way I wanted, and I wish I would have laid out my unwrap a little different, but otherwise I'm satisfied up to this point.
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